Delta Sigma Pi encourages brothers to seek professional and personal development to maximize our impact in the world. Brothers studying abroad are gaining a real-life perspective on business applications worldwide and in the process, they are taking allure and culture of a new land.


Victoria Lee Cejka

Dublin, Ireland

"Studying abroad presented me with a challenge I had never been faced with before, to be completely out of my element in a foreign place, away from family, friends, and general comfort (I'm born and raised in AZ and go to ASU). The experience has given me so much opportunity to better trust my instincts, be more open to new things, and to understand just how isolated the U.S. can sometimes be. I feel that living in Europe has helped me better appreciate how people outside the U.S. learn, think, and live."


Courteney Real

Brisbane, Australia at the Australia University of Queensland.

"Studying Aboard is the best way to see the world. I have so many amazing friends from all over the world, seen history and culture come to life and learned things a classroom simply could not teach! It truly has been one of the best things I have done in college!"